Change That Makes Sense:

Replace Plastic with Customizable, Eco-Friendly, Reusable Jute Bags

Each year almost a billion plastic bags are used in America. Most are used just once and then end up in landfills where they will take as many as 400 years to disintegrate into tiny, toxic particles. And it’s been estimated it takes over 12 million gallons of oil to produce those plastic bags.

So replacing plastic bags with reusable bags made from natural fibers that will also biodegrade cleaner and faster makes perfect environmental and financial sense.

It’s a natural solution to a big problem.

At Bags Go Green we believe we can make a difference to the future of the earth with one simple change -- to cut out plastic bags by using our stylish shopping bags made from jute, a sustainable plant-based fiber. Made in India and ISO 9001 certified, our jute bags are long lasting, and will biodegrade 100s of years faster than regular plastic bags.

We can print or monogram your logo on our bags to promote your company as an ethical and eco-conscious business. You can choose from a wide selection of colors, shapes and sizes or let us customize a bag to suit your needs. From food quality packaging to everyday shopping and grocery bags, our jute bags are the preferred choice of conscientious consumers.

Our mission at Bags Go Green is to provide a stylish earth friendly bag that is both good looking and good for the earth at the same time.

The switch to Bags Go Green jute bags makes natural sense, for us and our planet.

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